Can I defer my race entry to next year or get a refund?
No, you cannot defer your entry and you will only receive a 50% refund of your entry fees if you contact us to officially drop out before March 15th at midnight Pacific time. After March 15th, you will not receive a refund.

Check our Registration page for answers to all race entry-related questions.

Do you have different distances? Can I run just one loop?
Not at this time. For our inaugural event, we want to focus and nail one race distance for our participants. But we have lots of future plans, so stay tuned for additional Tiger Claw options in the years to come!

Can I run just one loop 3 times?
Nope! To be an official Tiger Claw finisher you must complete EACH of the 3 loops. However, the order in which you complete them is up to you! Pink, White, Yellow; White, Yellow, Pink; etc.

What’s the nearest airport I would fly into for the race?
Seatac (Seattle-Tacoma) is the closest airport. Drive times from the airport to Issaquah can be anywhere from 45min to 2hr depending on traffic.

Can a friend pick up my bib for me?
No. Bibs can only be claimed by the runner and ID MUST BE PROVIDED. No ID, no bib.

Do I need ID to pick up my bib?
Yes. No ID, no bib.

Where do I pick up my bib?
Please reference the Package Pick-up page.

How do I get to the start?
You can see the start line on Google Maps HERE. From either East or Westbound I-90, take the High Point Way exit (exit #20) and head south on 270th Ave SE, then take a right on SE 79th Street and park along this road before the High Point Way Trailhead gate at the end of the road.

What time does the race start?
6am pst. Please give yourself enough time to find parking and walk to the start line.

Where can I park?
It is highly recommended that you carpool to the start line as parking can be limited. Parking will be available along SE 79th Street, just off the High Point Way exit to the South of I-90. Please follow instructions from our parking volunteers. There will be a short .4 mile walk from your car up the road to the start line.

How many drop bags can I have?
You will be allowed one drop bag that will be kept at the Lower Aid Station for you to access between loops. Please bring your drop bag to the start and hand it off to our volunteers collecting drop bags near the start. Make sure to write your name and bib number on the bag so it will be easily accessed during and after the race.

Where do I put my drop bags?
You will drop off your drop bags at your starting line, before your race begins. The destination of the drop bags will be clearly labelled in the morning. It is your responsibility and yours alone to ensure that your drop bag goes to the correct place and is handed to the correct volunteer.

Where and when can I pick up my drop bags post-race?
Drop bags will be kept in the specific drop bag area at the Lower Aid Station. Once you are finished, you MUST collect your drop bag before you leave as we will only hold onto them up until 4pm pst once everything is torn down. All unclaimed drop bags will be donated. We will not ship out individual drop bags that go unclaimed. You may have a friend pick up your drop bag in your absence.

How should I label my drop bags?
Please clearly state your name and your bib number on the bag.

Where can I be crewed?
Crew is only allowed to assist runners within a 100 meter radius of the Lower Aid Station.

How can I be crewed?
Crews cannot touch anything at the aid station.
Crews can only provide items to their runner that they (the crew) themselves have brought with them.

Where are the aid stations? How far apart?
Please see our Race Page

What food/drinks are at the aid stations?
Please see our Race Page

What are the cut off times and where?
Please see our Race Page

Are there maps?
Please see our Race Page

Is there chip timing?
We will be using UltraSignup’s built-in tracking to keep track of everyone in realtime.

Where and when can I find results posted?
Results will be live all weekend on UltraSignup.

How can people follow along on race day online?
Our site,, will feature a Live tracking page for all things twitter, facebook, live video and more!

Can I run with my dog?
Dogs are not allowed on course under any circumstances.

Are pacers allowed?
Pacers are not allowed under any circumstances.

Can I run with music/headphones?
We only allow music at a low volume, preferably one ear bud. You must be aware of your surroundings at all times. Dangers include wildlife encounters and safety concerns. Please be present and open to sounds, voices and people around you.

Are there washrooms on course?
There will be Porta-Potties at the Start / Finish and pit toilets at the High Point Way parking lot.

Can I use poles?
Poles are not allowed during Tiger Claw.

Is there first aid on course? Where?
We have a full event medical team working race weekend. While on course first aid personnel will be available at both aid stations, via our professional medical crew and medically trained race volunteers. If you need medical assistance during the race please ask the nearest volunteer and the will direct you accordingly. If you are unable to proceed under your own power please ask the first runner you see for assistance.

What happens if I miss the cutoff time?
Time cutoffs are strictly enforced. If you miss a time cutoff at the Upper Aid Station, we’ll provide you a ride back to our finish line.

What happens if I get lost?
It is highly unlikely that you will get lost because we flag our courses to a very high standard. If you think you may have gone off course, please stop immediately, turn around, and return to the last place that you saw flagging. We promise that once you return to the last area you saw flagging that things will make sense again.

Do you still need volunteers?
Always! Please register via the Volunteer Page.